Our Traders


Paradise Fruit and Veges

George has always been a Preston Market customer and he liked the shop so much he bought it 15 years ago when he decided to get out of the rag trade.

Some of his customers are regulars who’ve stayed with him from the original owners. Paradise Fruit and Veges packs a wide range into a compact space, and George is proud of his speciality—all varieties of apples.

The produce comes from Shepparton and Kyabram and it’s delivered straight from the grower to the shop, fresh and with no cold storage in between so you know everything here is at its seasonal best. Right now it’s oranges and mandarins and they’re beauties so get in and boost your vitamin C! Winter is also George’s favourite time for locally grown vegetables.

The price is right at Paradise so come in and see George and Matthew and get fresh!


Peter’s Pizza

Customers like Kevin have been coming to Peter’s Pizza virtually since it opened 31 years ago, and new ones of all ages are always joining the throng. Why? Maybe it’s the huge variety of toppings to choose from, or the fact that Peter’s was one of the first to offer pizza by the slice from the early 1990s.

Peter, his son Nick and their staff—six plus casuals at the busiest times—run this family business and they stay right on trend as tastes for different toppings change.  You’ll find them all here. After five renovations the shop is much bigger than the original and putting a roof over it keeps everyone coming on rainy days. And they come for more than just pizza.

Whether it’s a burger with chips, a hot dog, a dim sim, a hot sandwich from the carvery...oh yes, don’t forget a pizza, Peter’s motto is to keep it fresh and lively. Get a piece of it!

Caffé Rustico

Rose at Caffé Rustico is a local with a background in customer service who’s always wanted to open a café. When 267 Gower Street became vacant she wasted no time doing her homework—and then tackling a major makeover. Having worked at the Council, the post office, a bank and the local police station, Rose knows Preston and what customers want—and in just a few weeks she’s given them something fresh and new.  It’s a bit Italy, a bit funky and totally what Preston wants now.

‘We wanted to be a community based café so we’ve created a warm homey feel,’ says Rose. Helping others is part of it so all food left over at the end of the day goes to the Salvos next door. Whether it’s Naidoc Week or Christmas in July the rustic charm of the café becomes an event—like a theatre giving the audience something exciting and surprising, says Rose. Working people like to ‘take it and run’, so a freshly made breakfast burger, focaccia, panini or piadini with salad hits the spot, or perhaps a warming soup or lamb shanks with mash if you’ve got time to stay. There are plenty of sweet treats too.

Discover this new Preston treasure for yourself. Pop in and see Rose and her family and friends who make up the team, and you don’t want to miss barista Clover’s great coffee. There’s TV and free Wi-Fi and make sure you get a rewards card because your seventh coffee is free.